Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Why can’t people be honest? Is it because they don’t want people to get upset with them? It amazes me that people will tell you one thing and then never follow through with it. Why? Do you think they mean well? Do they intend to do what they say, or did they not intend to do it at all. I have a problem with this! It really bugs me because I do not live this way. When I say I am going to do something, I do it. I don’t just blow it off; my conscious would never let me rest. I guess when you are walking in the presence of God you really watch what you say. Maybe it is also how people are brought up. I guess that is why they have to have contracts because a person’s word doesn’t mean anything anymore. This is a big subject in the eyes of God because if you cannot make a commitment with people you are around then how can you commit to someone you cannot see? I also know that people get busy in their day to day lives; probably too busy than they should.

Something else that bothers me is when someone sets an appointment and then waits until the last minute to cancel. Yes, I know things come up occasionally but not all the time; not every other week. That is a lack of displine. People over extend themselves and then certain things get pushed away. People don’t like to tell people no, so they just don’t tell them anything at all. This also opens up another point that when you do say no people try to make you feel guilty (which is witchcraft) or they badmouth you when you say no. That is why in America every one throws money at everything. It is easier. They don’t have to deal with anything. Just throw money that way and go on and then they say, "my part is done." Most of the time, people think doing certain things are beneath them so if they throw money at it then they can find someone else to actually do the job. Many times, we just need to roll up our sleeves and get dirty no matter what it is. A little humility goes along way.

However, saying no or saying yes and then if you make a commitment following through with your commitment is very healthy for all parties involved. By doing this if you say no then you allow them enough time to make arrangements to accomplish what they need to do. This is why the Lord said: Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Stop beating around the bush; be straight forward with people; tell them the truth at all cost. If you don’t, it’s a lie! Yes, some people might get a little offended by your sincerity.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds so saying if the Lord wills I will do that or this then. I thought for a long time that is a easy way out but it is not we don’t know his plans for our life so if we are a people who are walking in the Spirit of the Lord then we will not know our distant future, we will barely know the here and now.

Now let us talk about correction. We are to correct with love and be led by love. Do not come across with a condemning spirit that is not of the Lord but of the evil one. That is why Jesus always told parables when he corrected. When you tell stories about your life or events from other people’s lives it will give them hope and a way out and if they are judgmental they will not even hear what you are saying because they are not walking in the Spirit of the Lord.

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