Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I feel like just laying everything down and leaving it in the Lords hands. I mean everything; just laying everything down and waiting on the Lord to manifest himself in it before moving forward. Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in seeking and pressing forward that we can be out of the timing or even the will of the Father.

I have been pondering on the lives of men of God of the past. All of them came to the knowledge of being used by God and an awareness of this purpose. Each one of them at some point of their journey had to lay it down until the Spirit of the Lord came in power and equipped them for their work. The resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even the apostles did this, they went back to their professions (fishing) and the Lord came to them where they were. I too am at this point in my journey I will continue on the journey before me until there is a sign from the Lord Jesus Christ that will put me on another course.

Don’t get me wrong my life is fully in his hands. I am still committed to His word and prayer as always but I am laying down all my own desires and works for a time -- only the Lord knows how long. I am truly committed to being lead by the Lord and no one else. If he is not leading then I wait and I mean I wait patiently for him alone.

There has been a shift in the in the Spiritual realm around us. I can sense something has changed but I cannot put my finger on what has happened right yet. I just know something is different in the heavenly realm. Power is coming, Power is coming from the Most High, and He is equipping His saints with power from on high. Compassion will be a significant gift coming on the saints of the Lord. This gift of compassion is truly God's heart. You hear all throughout scripture about how the Lord had compassion and healed, feed, and moved in this gift. We in a whole have turned this compassion into money; it is more than that it is compassion to touch them in a way that they have never been touched before. Do you know what I mean? Littler, where you can feel there pain and you embrace that pain, still bring them in close, and not push them away. We have become a people of standoffish position. We let people get close but we don’t let the junk come in. We should be on a level spiritually that we could bring them in and have their stuff not affect our spiritual growth. We are not to be tossed around by every wind or wave but to be grounded in Christ. The Spirit of God flows freely through compassion; the compassion of the Lord is not the compassion of this world. I mean a higher level of compassion than any we have seen before. There is another gift that walks hand in hand with the gift of compassion and that is the gift of discernment. Discernment is a vital gift. To be able to discern what the real need is, not what people say -- to hear what the Spirit is saying. I know I need to stop waiting on people to say what they need and start telling them what they need. To many times I know what is going on in people’s lives and I wait for them to ask for help before I say anything. I rationalize this with the excuse that I have to wait until people are ready and open. Maybe we just need to speak what the Spirit is saying and let the seeds fall where they may and leave it to God and not worry about where they are and just believe that the Spirit know what is best and trust Him.

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