Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Over the past year, the Lord has been opening our eyes to what the true heart of the Father is. The whole reason we were created was to have fellowship with the Father. It delights the Father to be in relationship with his people. It is not how much you can do for him or what services you are doing. Unless your relationship with the Father is right, all your service is in vain. You hear people all the time say you must serve somewhere. This is not true. Too many people are out there serving and they think that service is their relationship with Father. They are to busy serving to have their own personal relationship with Father. They are also too busy to have relationships with other people whom the Father has brought in contact with them. This relationship is to help people not only grow closer to each other but closer to the Father; to help them hear the Father for themselves and walk in his ways. Religion has become god to most people and it is the same thing Jesus came to do away with.

Jesus came to set us free over two thousand years ago. The scriptures say the law does not bind us. So why do we go to church? The established church tells us we cannot do this or that, and you should not act like that because Christians need to set good examples. This mindset is putting yokes on people and making laws for people to live by. We can do nothing without a relationship with the Father. Without that relationship with the Father, people just act righteous when in church or when around the church crowd. The sin just eats away at them. They cannot go to the church crowd with their issues because of fear of being judged and considered an outcast. We point out faults in others to make us feel better. This is not healthy.

Let us look at the Life of Jesus and see how we are to live our lives here on earth. Jesus is all God. When he came in human form, it did not change who he was. He was still God and in unity with the Father and the Spirit. Jesus laid down his power (his Godly right) and walked on earth. He continued his fellowship with the Father and Spirit throughout his ministry. He would always go off and spend time alone with the Father and the Spirit. The signs and wonders (casting out demons, healing the sick, etc.) were not performed by Jesus but by the Father flowing through Jesus to do his will. Jesus was in such close fellowship with the Father that he was aware when the Father wanted to touch others. In addition, when they even tapped into the life of the Father flowing through the Spirit that was in him. We are to let the life changing power flow through us the same way Jesus did. How does this happen? First, we need to be in a relationship with the Father and allow our needs to be met by him and him alone. Then we have to believe that the power can flow through us to touch others. We are to make ourselves available for the Father to use in any way he chooses without limits and boundaries.

The Father has revealed to us that the relationship He desires cannot be found in institutional religion. The path the Lord has set before us is to walk with him and him alone. He will bring others along on this journey for a season. They will come and go. We feel commitments are also a form of bondage that we cannot impose on others. We truly seek fellowship with others in the body of Christ but with no strings attached. We all can come and go as the Father leads. The Father will bring people into our lives just for his will to be done and nothing else. We have held and tried to hold onto relationships only to hurt each other in the end. We have come to see the grace of God in others just as he is in us. We know people will fail us and disappoint us. However, there is only one who will never leave us or forsake us. His name is Jesus. We are available to get together upon request. Do not ever let guilt or condemnation run your life. This is what Jesus came to set us free from. LIVE FREE WITH OUT BONDAGE.

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